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A little bit about OPC

About OPC

On Purpose Consulting Limited (OPC) was founded in 2008 by Sue Holland and Sue Harris. Our aim is to support organisations and individuals. We can facilitate you to:

  • review your purpose; values; what matters to you
  • develop soft skills for effective and purposeful communication
  • embody value-led change
  • reflect on your contribution to the environment within an ethical and sustainable context

We offer individual and group coaching; coach supervision; facilitation and training. We work with a team of experienced associates.

Who we are

Sue Holland

Sue Holland

Sue Holland MA; APECS accredited executive coach and supervisor; UKCP reg., psychotherapist, is a graduate of French and philosophy, with a Master’s in psychotherapy. Sue has been teaching communication skills in adult education and corporate business for over twenty years. She is a deep and creative thinker. Sue is an international Energy Management corporate coach. In support of her own energy management, Sue practises and studies qigong and trains for triathlons. She is a licensed Somatic Experiencing Practitioner, working with mindfulness in the healing of stress and trauma. For many years Sue was senior faculty at the London Institute of Psychosynthesis, where she is still a visiting lecturer. She works in English, French and Dutch.

The Office

The Office

Sue Harris is the office contact, providing the administrative role for OPC Ltd, maintaining the day to day requirements of the organisation and managing the needs of all those who come into contact with On Purpose Consulting Limited.

Conscious Coaching, Supervision, Training and Facilitation

What matters to us

The following represents what we care about and what we work with. With some or all of these ingredients we coach individuals and groups; create bespoke training for your unique needs and facilitate organisational change.

Conscious Communication

Conscious Communication

Our soft skills trainings address the relational side of effective business, from managing difference; diversity; uncertainty; change; conflict resolution to being able to hold creative tension while a process cooks. We teach process skills to overcome default defensive stances such as avoidance, aggression and projection. We facilitate and distil creative solutions from reactive impasses. We train in listening skills and effective communication. We work in-depth with the dynamics of groups and interrelations. We draw on somatic awareness to de-escalate activation and recognise dissociation, often our greatest defence.

Energy Management and Wellbeing

Are you fit for purpose? We believe that our internal world is reflected in our external world. We are each an energy system comprising physical, emotional, mental and spiritual elements. If I am rigid, inflexible, neglectful, insensitive or unaware in any of these areas, then these are the qualities I will likely generate around me, which can compromise my potential and block creativity. Through self-care and mindfulness; learning to listen to the whole system and its interconnectedness, we can develop more effective, receptive and responsive connection with ourselves and others. We can also recognise when our own or another’s energy battery is depleted and needs resourcing in order to engage more effectively. Internal awareness of our needs, aligned with clear purpose, generates a potent, aware inner leader. With resilient inner strength we can better bear uncomfortable yet productive process. We encourage vitality, connection and wisdom. We explore whether the energy flow within and without us is blocked with tension and fear, or flowing with valuable information.

Energy Management

Transformance and the Connected Self

We ask what the world is calling forth from us now. It appears we are all threatened with extinction from our outmoded ways of being in and seeing the world. We aim to support the transformation needed to survive and thrive, beyond our ego-centric and anthropocentric paradigms. We believe we need to face our human shadow and understand it and work together to avoid collective self-destruction. We see that we need to come home, from our ‘man as separate from and superior to the rest’ stance and fully understand and live from the realisation that I am the whole and, as I do unto other, so I do unto myself. We are interdependent, distinct but not separate.

Ecosystem Thinking

We all share the same root system, without which we die. Influenced by ideas such as those proposed in Eisenstein’s ‘Sacred Economics’, we aim to support think tanks that explore new paradigms, in order to manage socio-economic challenges and promote healthy planetary abundance for all beings. We look to explore alternatives to the endless growth paradigm that creates fear, competition and exploitation of people and resources that is taking us to the brink. We recognise that humanity has taken from the earth relentlessly, as a child from a mother and it is now time to give back, with appreciation and respect for the preciousness of our amazing ecosystem. We aim to generate life-affirming new narratives and awaken ourselves from the dogmatic slumber of denial that is potentially killing us.

We have the courage to enter into the fire of unknowing, uncertainty and doubt, in order to work together to envisage and embody a brighter future for all sentient beings.

Ecosystem Thinking


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