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Reflect, Visualise, Act

Build Self awareness and agency.

Choice Creates Reality

We believe that perception is a choice, not a fact. We choose what we see and create, guided by our meaning, purpose and values. Our future is in our hands - our choices matter.

Awareness Enhances

We aim to promote awareness and will, through practical means.

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On Purpose Consulting Limited was formed in 2008 by Sue Holland and Sue Harris. Sue Holland collaborates with a team of associates who share the OPC vision of awakening awareness and will. We offer training, coaching and practical skills and guidance to facilitate presence and conscious action. We help you to clarify and establish your purpose; how to maintain connection to your purpose; how to work together and to develop fields of intention.

As well as being the overall buisness director, Sue Harris provides an administrative role for OPC Ltd, maintaining the day to day requirements of the company and managing the needs of all those who come into contact with On Purpose Consulting Limited.

We offer various training and learning programs which include bespoke courses tailored to meet your specific needs.
Develop your potential and the art of inner leadership. Deepen your confidence, motivation and inspiration. Build Self awareness and potency.
A confidential space in which to address any workplace or personal issues, stresses and traumas.
We offer a creative space for individuals and teams to reflect on their practice and their work.
From vision to action. OPC consultants help you establish, manage and implement your goals.
Learn to manage your energy effectively to enrich your life.

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A couple of our current projects

The Circle

The Circle

A Psychosynthesis Postgraduate Group

Putting psychosynthesis into the world, abundantly


Psychosynthesis & Somatic Awareness

7 workshops and a residential master class for therapists

The Circle


Residential retreats and workshops for therapists

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Workplace Wellbeing

conferences, workshops and coaching in the workplace

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